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New Mexico State University
Department of Campus Activities

Today's students are tomorrow's leaders. If you aspire to 'change the world' or to succeed in your chosen field, consider the LEADER CERTIFICATE PROGRAM.

By completing this program, you will both further your own leader skills and demonstrate to potential graduate programs and/or employers your commitment to reaching higher.

To apply, send an email to Michael Jasek, Dean of Students at

Development of leadership skills is an expected and companion outcome of degree attainment in post secondary education.  Future contributions to a global society depend on the content expertise and leader skills of today’s diverse students.

If the following requirements are completed, the result is a transcript notation and/or certificate of completion of the Certified Leader Program.

Students may complete program requirements at any time during their undergraduate career as long as all requirements are met prior to awarding of the bachelor degree.

Campus Activities will maintain a file for each student who elects to pursue the certification.